Having reached us at crabbydays.co.uk I guess you must be, like us, family crabbing enthusiasts (or budding enthusiasts at least!). Crabbydays was started because of our family’s love of crabbing & the coast. There’s nothing better than sitting on a quayside, in the sunshine (if you’re lucky!), lines baited, ice-cream in hand, waiting for a tug on your line. It’s one of the best kids days out ever.

Our passion for family crabbing outings started at Blakeney Quay in Norfolk and if you’ve been there you’ll know why our interest grew. Since then our kids have been hooked(!). And who are we to discourage them from being in the fresh air, meeting new friends, being close to nature and building memories that will last forever?

We want this to be the best crabbing website for families on the net! I hope you find crabbydays.co.uk useful and entertaining.

It’s fun, it’s cheap and even granny can join in, so what are you still doing here?

Get crabbing x


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Mandy aged six at St Mary's Bay

Dear Nick our lovely web designer

Dear Nick our lovely web designer